OpenCPI tracks defects using the JIRA issue tracking system.  The OpenCPI JIRA project is available here.  No login or registration is required to browse the outstanding issues.  The login page allows you to "sign up" on the project, using a user name you suggest along with your email address.  This allows you to submit and track issues, and you will receive email notifications whenever anything happens to your issues, or issues you are watching.  This system does not have a long OpenCPI issue history (yet), since it was not used until recently.

Issues are commonly defects, but issues may be created for other reasons.  The issue types that may be created or searched are:

  • Problems are used to indicate a negative experience that is not precise enough to be a specific defect.
    e.g. "When I tried to do xxx, but it kept saying yyy".
  • Bugs are specifically identified defects that try to contain enough information for them to be fixed.
    e.g. "The xxx function creates the wrong result when the yyy option is selected".
  • Improvements are incremental suggestions that extend functionality that exists.
    e.g. "It would be great if the xxx function allowed for yyy to be set also"
  • New features are capabilities that do not exist, but are desirable (by someone).
    e.g. "OpenCPI should support writing workers in the FORTRAN and COBOL languages".
  • Questions are used to get clarification on how to do something, which might be a documentation defect.
    e.g. "How can I cause the xxx callback to happen every 10 seconds?"
  • Ideas are imprecise topics thought worthy of discussion by someone.
    e.g. "Does anyone think OpenCPI should support System-C for FPGA coding?"

There is a generic guest account for the OpenCPI JIRA project, using the email name guest and the domain with an at-sign between them.  The password is "Anonymous1.".   While this account allows the anonymous submission of issues, it is insecure and you will not receive any email notifications when things happen to the issue (comments, fixes, rejections).  You must revisit the site to look for any status changes.  This account will survive only as long as it is not abused.  Providing an email address is preferable, but is sometimes problematic.

In case the JIRA system is not working, issues may be submitted to the email address issues at the domain, but responses will be delayed since human intervention is required.